Source code for cilissa.results

from __future__ import annotations

import csv
from abc import ABC
from dataclasses import dataclass
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, List, Optional, Union

import numpy as np

from cilissa.classes import Parameterized
from cilissa.images import Image
from cilissa.utils import get_parameter_display_name

    from cilissa.operations import ImageOperation

[docs]@dataclass(frozen=True) # type: ignore class Result(Parameterized, ABC): name: str parameters: Dict[str, Any] value: Union[float, np.float64, Image] type: ImageOperation def __eq__(self, o: Any) -> bool: if isinstance(o, Result): return == and np.isclose(self.value, o.value, rtol=1e-05, atol=1e-08) # type: ignore elif isinstance(o, float): return np.isclose(self.value, o, rtol=1e-05, atol=1e-08, equal_nan=False) # type: ignore else: return self.value == o
[docs]class ResultGenerator: def __init__(self, results: List[Result]) -> None: self.results = results self.last_changes: Dict[str, float] = {} def get_change_in_metric(self, name: str, value: float) -> float: if name in self.last_changes: change = value - self.last_changes[name] self.last_changes[name] = change else: self.last_changes[name] = value return 0 return change def to_html(self) -> str: def get_table_head() -> str: return """ <thead> <tr> <th>type</th> <th>name</th> <th>parameters</th> <th width="128">value</th> <th>change</th> </tr> </thead> """ def get_table_body(results: List[Result]) -> str: html = "" for result in results: html += get_table_row(result) return html def get_table_row(result: Result) -> str: from cilissa.operations import Metric def get_prefix_for_change(change: Union[float, np.floating]) -> str: if change > 0: return "+" else: return "" html = "<tr>" html += get_table_cell(result.type.get_class_name()) html += get_table_cell( html += get_table_cell(result.parameters) html += get_table_cell(result.value) if result.type == Metric: change = self.get_change_in_metric(, float(result.value)) # type: ignore html += get_table_cell(change if change != 0 else "", prefix=get_prefix_for_change(change)) html += "</tr>" return html def get_table_cell(value: Any = None, prefix: Optional[str] = None) -> str: def format_parameters(parameters: Dict[str, Any]) -> str: if parameters: html = "".join( [ "• <strong>{}</strong>: {}<br>".format(get_parameter_display_name(k), v) for k, v in parameters.items() ] ) else: html = "No parameters" return html html = "<td align='center'>" if prefix: html += prefix if isinstance(value, Image): data_uri = value.get_resized(height=64).as_data_uri() html += f"<img src='{data_uri}'>" elif isinstance(value, dict): html += format_parameters(value) elif isinstance(value, float) or isinstance(value, np.floating): html += str(round(value, 4)) else: html += str(value) html += "</td>" return html html = "<table border='1' cellpadding='8' width='728'>" html += get_table_head() html += get_table_body(self.results) html += "</table>" return html def to_csv(self, output_path: Union[Path, str]) -> None: with open(output_path, "w", newline="") as csvfile: writer = csv.writer(csvfile, delimiter=";", quotechar='"', quoting=csv.QUOTE_NONNUMERIC) writer.writerow(["type", "name", "parameters", "value"]) for result in self.results: writer.writerow( [ result.type.get_class_name(),, str(result.parameters), result.value if not isinstance(result.value, Image) else "",
] )