Image pair analysis

The following script compares 2 images using the SSIM metric via its analyze method or uses both the MSE and SSIM metrics in order using the OperationsList class.

from cilissa.images import Image, ImagePair
from cilissa.metrics import SSIM, MSE
from cilissa.operations import OperationsList

image1 = Image("path/to/original/image")
image2 = Image("path/to/other/image")
image_pair = ImagePair(image1, image2)

# Compare using standalone metric
ssim = SSIM(channels_num=3)
result = ssim.analyze(image_pair)

# Or use OperationsList
mse = MSE()
operations = OperationsList([mse, ssim])
results = operations.run_all(image_pair)

Image transformation

The following script transforms a single image with the Blur transformation using its transform method. Transformations can be chained and mixed in the OperationsList class in the same way as metrics.

from cilissa.images import Image
from cilissa.transformations import Blur

image = Image("path/to/original/image")

# Transform using standalone transformation
blur = Blur(gaussian=False, sigma=2.0)
result = blur.transform(image)